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teoTECH is an ICT and Web Design / Online Brand Management Company established to specialise mainly in providing services relating toe-marketing and e-branding solution.


The decision to create a website is an opportunity for you to create an extremely powerful marketing and communications tool capable of delivering your message worldwide. With many happy customers we have, we can assure you of a professional and innovative website. Feel free to see what we can do for you by browsing through Our portfolio. It all starts by clicking here to make an initial enquiry.

1) Your requirements
By consultation, we help determine what you are looking for, taking in to consideration current branding, tone, imagery, typography, colors, styles and website needs. It is vital that we gather as much information as possible so that we can create a detailed design brief to follow.

2) The Brief
The design brief is one of the most important parts of the design process. This collates all requirements and is the foundation on which your website is designed. The brief lists all your requirements, documents, page structures and details - a valuable reference point for a designer

3) Concepts
The design team works hard to provide concepts that fully answer the brief that has been drawn up. This stage provides you with a visual representation of your website needs. A lot of attention is given to the use of imagery, styles, typography, personal details and requirements.

4) Feedback & Amendments
Your feedback on the concepts is vital. This stage enables you to make adjustments and recommendations via consultation with the design team at teoTECH. Following submission, your changes are carried out on the concepts and resupplied for final changes.

5) Design Complete
Your final changes are implemented in to the designs and are sent back for sign off. Once the concepts are accepted, the files are sent to the Interface Developers to start development.

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