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teoTECH is an ICT and Web Design / Online Brand Management Company established to specialise mainly in providing services relating toe-marketing and e-branding solution.


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Managing subscribers could be partetic for a business owner expecially when the customers are in their thousands, we have been able to develop a comprehesive solution proven and currenly managing a telecom company already. This system will take care of all customers request from the purchase of their plan to deactivation, it also manage subscription, sending reminders to customers and helping administator to managment payment in advance and arrials as the case may be.

1. A corporate website design or redesign
2. Domain name registration and hosting
3. Content Management System
4. Subscribers Datatbase
5. Plans/Subscribers/Transaction Reporting
6. Customer Portal
7. Administrator Portal
8. Transfer or Port lines
9. Scheduler and Reminder 
10. Audit Trail


Recommened for: CUG Telecommunication company, Network Sales Agent, Internet Subscrition Centre, Dstv Subscrition Centre etc

Customizable: We can add or remove features to the system.

Request for a live demo presentation.

Setup: 10 working days


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