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teoTECH is an ICT and Web Design / Online Brand Management Company established to specialise mainly in providing services relating toe-marketing and e-branding solution.


Send custom sms with your name, get notified by sms on transactions or enquiry on your website, and send bulk sms to thousands at once.

Our Products:

Group Messaging

Send a customer message to all recipients or custom message to each recipient based on a template. With our scalable and robust interface, you can send thousands of SMS messages per second based on your business needs. Schedule messages to go at a particular date & time, or setup recurring campaigns.

2 Way SMS (Keywords/Shortcodes)

Enable 2-way SMS communication using a long code or keyword. When we receive an SMS on your dedicated long code, we will inform your application (via push API) or send the response specified by you. Great for conducting Text-to-Vote, Text-to-Info kind of applications.

Custom Sender ID

Sender Id with the customized name or number that will show on the recipient’s mobile phone when they receive an SMS message. Send all your SMS with a custom Sender Id that reflects your brand or group. 

API Integration

Many of our clients have integrated our API into their applications to send alerts, notifications, confirmations and passcodes. Our flexible and powerful API works with almost any software application and major ERP solutions. If you need a custom API , our engineers will build it to your needs.

SMS on the Go

Send SMS to your groups without the need for computer or internet. Great solution to send alerts and news to your groups on the go. Send you SMS to our dedicated number and based on your setting we will broadcast it to your group.

SMS Software

Use our desktop SMS software or Microsoft Excel Plug-ins to send SMS from your computer without the need to visit any website. Our Excel Plug-in is very popular with a lot of our clients who use it to send end of the day account balances, trade summary etc.

Email 2 SMS

You can easily send SMS to multiple recipients from your mail account. This feature allows you to send Bulk SMS from any E-mail Client/Application to any mobile phone across the globe.

Delivery Reports

Monitor the progress of your SMS campaigns and broadcasts using our Instantaneous and Dynamic delivery reports. Filter, search or download reports for further analysis and transparent billing.

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