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teoTECH is an ICT and Web Design / Online Brand Management Company established to specialise mainly in providing services relating toe-marketing and e-branding solution.




With more than one billion Smartphones and tablets in use around the world, the number of subscribers who receive news, alerts and promotions on mobile devices is steadily rising. It's these devices that keep people connected wherever they are.

teoTECH Mobile Marketing enables marketers to execute mobile optimized email and SMS campaigns. Email message previews support a wide range of mobile devices, creating an engaging customer experience when viewing messages on the go.

teoTECH Mobile Marketing provides a rich set of campaign features for triggered and lifecycle marketing through SMS that further enhances subscriber engagement with your brand extending the reach and value of your marketing campaigns. With a complete set of SMS delivery reports available, users can quickly assess and improve upon mobile campaign performance.

We proudly partner with the industry leaders in SMS delivery and through their international mobile network, providing our customers with best-in-class SMS deliverability rates.


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